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Soul Reviver

Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

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Prepare for the chocolatey goodness of Soul Reviver Hot Cocoa mix! Great with water or milk, our cocoa is a great way to provide a boost to your spirits without caffeine. Fair warning: our team found it hard to stop after just one mug. Marshmallows not included, only encouraged.
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All of our cocoa is packaged in an easy open, resealable mylar bag.


Coffee orders will be processed within 3-5 days of receiving your order.

Customer Reviews

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Sean P.
This is rich and smooth chocolatey cocoa.

The scent of rich, dark chocolate wafts out of the bag when you crack that seal. You slowly bring your milk up to temperature, gently stirring. You tap out the powder, little by little into the milk while stirring, the smell of the chocolate mixing into the milk and the gentle back-and-forth motion while you stir is therapeutic and it warms your soul. Finally, it is ready, you take that first sip before it has cooled enough and you burn your lips ever so slightly, carrying you right back to coming out of the snow in your childhood. But you're an adult now, so you wait before sipping more. And there it is -- heaven in a mug. The nostalgia for a youth long spent washes through your very core. Folks, this *is* happiness in a bag. The initial dark chocolate scent of the dry powder is replaced with a rich chocolate aroma. The taste is not at all the bitter of dark chocolate, but is all the richness of it. Much like another reviewer noted, it is not overly sweet, it is well balanced. My only regret is that I failed to remember to buy marshmallows while I was out at the store earlier today.

Subtle and Rich

I hate overly sweet hot chocolates. I'm looking at you Swiss Miss. I'm an adult (I think) and my palate has matured (probably?) and this stuff is fantastic.

Fantastic cocoa!

Best ever


This cocoa is the best I've have in a long time. My husband and I both love good cocoa, and this is perfect to drink after a long stressful day.

Brings back fond memories

So story time, since I can't help it: I used to work at a bookstore that shared building space with a coffee shop that made a delightful dark chocolate hot cocoa. Drinking this mix helps me recall all the lovely times I went on break at Taylor Maid: relaxing and sipping rich, luscious, silky smooth cocoa with just the right amount of bitterness. It is that good.