About Me

Welcome to the Soul Reviver shop! I'm Erik, founder of Soul Reviver and the man behind the treats.

After spending my entire professional career in a corporate setting, everything from startups to a major consulting firm, I became part of "The Great Resignation" in early 2020 order to focus on my happiness and mental health. Over the last couple years I've tried all sorts of new pursuits and hobbies including streaming on Twitch, video editing, and cooking projects such as making home made jerky. After some trial attempts and feedback from friends I realized that doing a little online shop could be a fun side business...little did I know that in order to have any kind of food or beverage online shop legally operate you need ALL the things, but thanks to the support of friends I've stuck with it and this is the result!

While I'm focused on providing high-end quality small batch jerky (hence the beard net) and ethically sourced roasted coffee without the hefty price tag that you usually see from premium brands, it's also very important to me that folks have a great buying experience and feel that they're getting their money's worth on every order. If you ever have questions, feedback, or ideas please head over to our Contact Us page to let us know.